Stabar Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest companies producing steel structures for the industry sector.


We cover the entire production process - from detail engineering to delivery on the construction site.

Discover our company from behind the scenes

Video presentation of Stabar company is also available on our YouTube channel. 


Steel Structures Manufacturer


STABAR Sp. z o.o., 21 Jaktorowska Street, PL-96-300 Żyrardów, Poland

Phone:+48 46 856 69 40, fax: +48 46 856 69 99, E-mail: info@stabar.pl


Stabar is a limited liability Company registered in the 13-th Economic Department of the District Court in Żyrardów under No. 0000151197 of the National Court Registry;

Tax No. PL 836 00 09 148 (NIP register); Statistical No. 750411047 (Regon register)