Stabar Sp. z o.o. has been in the market of industrial steel structures manufacturers for more than 25 years now. 


Currently we are a member of Barlage Group. In July 2020 Mr. Dieter Barlage took over the position of President of the Management Board and has since then introduced new developments for the company which will prepare us for the modern challenges ahead. 

Stabar specializes in design, manufacturing and delivery of the industrial steel structures and components for power plants, chemical, cement or environmental industries.

Our company currently employs 150 highly qualified professionals. 

Our production capacity is approx. 5000 tons per year.

Our aim is to offer the best quality of our products while maintain our responsibility for an environmental friendly production process and to ensure sustainability throughout our product chain.


Due to the convenient location- 50 km from Warsaw, 10 km from A2 highway - we can provide logistic services in the European Union and beyond.

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Steel Structures Manufacturer


STABAR Sp. z o.o., 21 Jaktorowska Street, PL-96-300 Żyrardów, Poland

Phone:+48 46 856 69 40, fax: +48 46 856 69 99, E-mail:


Stabar is a limited liability Company registered in the 13-th Economic Department of the District Court in Żyrardów under No. 0000151197 of the National Court Registry;

Tax No. PL 836 00 09 148 (NIP register); Statistical No. 750411047 (Regon register)